About Us

A family run dairy farm in Plumpton Cumbria, milking around 150 pedigree Friesian dairy cows. With a closed herd since 2002 when re stocked after F+M, the only animals to be bought in are our British Friesian stock bull & Aberdeen Angus bull that we put over all the heifers. The B+W purely runs with the milkers, this gives us the advantage of easy calving heifers & a good calf to sell at weaning age. 

All B+W heifers stay on farm as dairy replacements and Bulls being sold at 6/7 weeks old ready to wean, our milk is contracted to North Lakes dairy at Penrith and being of very high butterfat & protein is exactly what they're after. Mainly supplying Cumbria with Cumbrian milk is what we see as a key part of ours and their business, flying the flag on a quality British / Cumbrian product.